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Welcome To The Kingseat Community Information Site

The village of Kingseat is in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland and is situated on the B912 road being 1.5 miles north east of Dunfermline and lying between Dunfermline and Kelty. It owes it's origin to coal mining in the mid 1800's when a total of 4 pits were worked. Mining ceased in 1945 although Scottish Coal has recently been working an Opencast site on the outskirts of the village.

The village consists of approximately 430 houses. It has a Community Centre and a Church of Scotland.

On the outskirts of the village is Loch Fitty which used to be run as a trout fishery, although now closed down, it is still a popular place for anglers and dog walkers, it is also along the Pilgrims Way trail.

The village has an active Community Council and Bloom in Kingseat group - further information about these groups and others is to found on this website.

Park and Childrens Play Area

Village Heritage Corner Outside Community Centre

The Front of the Community Centre

Photos courtesy of Malcolm Hall

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Future provision of Cemetaries in Fife - Community Consultation.

Fife Council, Bereavement Services would like to ask you to help us determine what burial provision is needed for Fife and make best use of the funding.


Demand for lairs in our cemeteries has remained broadly constant over recent years and we now need to replenish cemetery provision in Fife to ensure we can meet future demand.

In doing that we are conscious of the need to maintain the strong bonds between our communities and their local cemeteries, whilst also making future provision as sustainable as possible.


We would welcome your views and feedback on the various options and considerations identified in this consultation. Your feedback will be used to inform a cemeteries strategy for Fife and the investments we make in future cemetery provision.

You will find the consultation link below.

There are maps included in the sway to highlight the status of cemeteries, by clicking on 'view larger map' (available by hovering over square top right-hand corner of the map) it will open in a new window and provide additional information. 

Help us to determine what provision is needed for Fife and make best use of the funding

Consultation is open until 24th February 2023.

                                             Go to this Sway

.Justine Waterston, Community Engagement Co-Ordinator

I would like to introduce myself as the new Community Engagement Co-ordinator for Dunfermline and Southwest Fife for Includem's Wellbeing in Fife service.

The well-being in fife service aims to support children aged 5-26 with their overall well-being/mental health in the form of groups. As a service we can provide input to pre-existing groups that are running ie football clubs, youth groups.

Furthermore, we can also provide input to professionals as well as those running the groups in order to support them on having conversations around mental health with the young people.

Alternatively, we can deliver groups within the local area if interest was there to provide sessions based on needs.

In addition to supporting young people, we can offer sessions to parents providing them new skills and confidence on having conversations with their child around mental health and well- being.

Please see the attached information in regard to some of the inputs we can offer to your organisation. Please note these sessions are fully funded and comes with no additional cost to yourselves.

I look forward to discussing this further with you and how we take this forward to support the young people and their families.

Links to Info Posters.

1.  WiF Children and Young People.

2.  WiF Parents and Carers.

3.  WiF Partners and Volunteers.

Scotland Loves Local Gift Card Scheme

Cost of Living Support- please find below resources for families, friends and wider communities:

Kingseat Community Emergency Plan

A Kingseat Village Emergency Plan has been evolved to enable the village to counter any emergencies that may arise in or around the village. Some examples are:- fire, flooding, serious accident, prolonged loss of mains power or sustained loss of water pressure.

A team has been designated to mobilise actions and help. Please make yourself aware of the general plan and contacts. View the plan here.


Read it here.

Fife Council 'HELPLINE'

If you need help, not able to shop or cook hot meals etc, then Phone Fife Council Helpline :- 0800 389 6046 and an operator will put you in touch with the right volunteer organision. Also if you want to volunteer to help the disavantaged and infirm in your local area call the same number.

 Fife Violence Against Women Partnership 

 See attached Poster here on how to keep women safe.

Kingseat Community Council Notice - Coronavirus

Winter Watch Neighbourhood Help

This is going to be a difficult time for us all.

It is vital that we look after those in our community who are most vulnerable, but at the same time remember to keep safe and to stay at home.
There are ways in which we can all work together to ensure we offer what support we can.
Keep in contact with your neighbours – telephone, text, email.
Offer help where it is possible remembering the stay safe rules.
Many of you may have kept the WinterWatch numbers and you can still use these to communicate a difficulty and where possible the members of the Community Council will try to assist –
WinterWatch Numbers.

Forbes         07799143266
Sheila          07900556226
Margaret     07922408246
Les              07512805951
Janet           07876306147
Carol-Ann   07786817762

Kingseat Community Projects - Volunteers.

A list of the various Village Projects and the relevent volunteers for each project has now been made up (still room for more). To see list click -Here-