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Last Updated 25/11/2019

Welcome To The Kingseat Community Information Site

The village of Kingseat is in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland and is situated on the B912 road being 1.5 miles north east of Dunfermline and lying between Dunfermline and Kelty. It owes it's origin to coal mining in the mid 1800's when a total of 4 pits were worked. Mining ceased in 1945 although Scottish Coal has again been working an Opencast site on the outskirts of the village.

The village consists of approximately 430 houses. It has a Post Office/store, a Community Centre and a Church of Scotland.

On the outskirts of the village is Loch Fitty which used to be run as a trout fishery, although now closed down, it is still a popular place for anglers and dog walkers, it is also along the Pilgrims Way trail.

The village has an active Community Council and Bloom in Kingseat group - further information about these groups and others is to found on this website.

Park and Childrens Play Area

Village Heritage Corner Outside Community Centre

The Front of the Community Centre

Photos courtesy of Malcolm Hall

Articles for sale are now on Village info page.

Articles for sale are now on the Village info page.

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Bloom in Kingseat Fundraising Coffee Afternoon

Many thanks to all who took part in the fundraising afternoon on Saturday 23rd Nov. A magnificent total of £1538-50p was raised. This means that the tireless B - I - K volunteers will be able to keep the village looking just as beautiful in the coming year. However, there is still a need for more volunteers to carry on the good work and maintain the 'Gold' awards coming from Fife Council. If you wish to help preserve the beauty of the village please contact any of the 'Team', you will be welcomed with open arms.

Coalfields Community Futures - Community Survey

In order to find out the wishes of the village of Kingseat, a survey has been arranged both in a paper format and online. It is up to you the villagers to state what you would like in/for the village to enhance the ammenities for young and old alike. The more completed forms, the more chance of creating funding for your choice/ project. Remember, there is up to £20,000 available for this scheme and your ideas are needed.

The paper form will be distributed throught the village and completed froms can be placed in a box in the 'Wee Shop'. The online link is

Proposed new housing on Cuddy Road

Gladman have submitted a planning application for 80 new houses either side of the Cuddy Road. Planning Reference 19/02140/PPP. 

Fife Council Planning Dept have currently put the application on hold (possibly until Feb 2020) for further investigation/consideration.

Taylor Wimpey Whitefield Road Developement - Dun 043 - 1400 houses.

Fife Council (west) today, (16th Jan) gave approval to the planning in principal application for the above developement. This is in spite all the objections put forward by some councillors and the general public. In general all the questions raised about local infrastructure,ie Education, Healthcare, Transportation (roads etc) were give the answer that 'Mitigations' will be put in place to alleviate the foreseen problems.  It will mean though TW will have too meet lots of conditions before full approval is granted. What it does mean also is that the full application already submitted for the first phase (340 houses) can now be considered/decided by Fife Council.

Watch this space

To all Dog Owners

There are still many instances of dog fouling around the village, particularly around the children's play areas.  Please bag and remove dog waste, you know who you are. If there isn't a bin to hand, take it home and bin it. Don't leave little parcels of dog poo in public areas, they won't magically disappear. 


Dog fouling is a health hazard to our/your children


Food Waste Bags

Run out of food waste bags for your compost caddy? Resource Efficient Solutions (RES), Fife Councils arms-length company, have teamed up with Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT) to provide food waste bags to Fife’s householders.

Food waste bags are now available at Leisure Centres in Fife for £1.30 per roll of 25 bags.

Food waste bags will continue to be delivered to households as well as sold at Leisure Centres.

Details of Fife’s food waste recycling and a full list of leisure centres taking part can be found at